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Handbook Addendum 2011                  
Network Privacy & Use Policy Student Records Forms Business Forms
Acknowledgement What IEP Form Do I Need? PlacementForm    
Policies and Procedures Consent for Evaluation Form *   Professional Leave Request
  Includes Information On: RedBook   Placement Form *   Family Medical Leave Request
Worker' Comp Agreement   Notice of Meeting *   Mileage / Expense Form *
KS Bloodborn Pathogens --->   Consent to Invite Others to IEP Meeting   Conference Expense Voucher
Vaccination Declination Form   Staffing Notes*   Paycheck Pickup Authorization
Post-exposure Assessment & Eval.   Consent for Exchange/Release of Information   Purchase Order Requisition*
  Request for Transportation* ConsentToEval   Staff Check In
Initial Evaluation Report *     Calendar    
  Reevaluation Report *        
  Related Service Dismissal *   Calendar    
Teaching Procedures and Forms IEP Signature Page*   Monthly Payroll Calendar Guide    
KS STATE ASSESSMENTS INFORMATION Parent Rights Booklet Information        
(Continuously Updated by KSDE) Parent Rights Booklet    
IEP Team Decision Flow Chart Summary of Performance (Graduates)*      
KAMM KSDE INFORMATION Student Records Keystone Professional Development Plan
Submitting Request for Accommodations Student Records Access List PDC Knowledge Form
Test Taking Incentives *Forms Online in WebKIDSS PDC Application Form
Assessing Exceptional Students Keystone SPED Process Handbook Student Work Study Packet
Request for Para KSDE Special Education Process Handbook  
Intensive Duty Hours Pay Request    
Supervision of Students General Information Misc.
Adult Volunteers General Information Index District Office Phone List
Confidentiality of Student Information Para Educator Schedule Directions Mileage Chart
Gifted Procedures, Testing Out Para Educator Schedule Example Job Performance Evaluation
John Dewey Learning Academy & IEPs Para Educator Schedule District Closing Information
Self-Contained Classrooms Elem. & Middle Professional Leave Request Info. Keystone Area Map
Functional Skills High School Classroom Mileage Reimbursement Procedures
18-21 Year Old Student Services Notification of Lost Plan Time  
Student Health Services