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 The mission of the education interlocal is to provide high quality services that produce independent learners. Our programs are investments in human productivity. The personnel of Keystone strive to provide the professional service necessary to allow students every educational opportunity.

Keystone Learning Services is recognized as a leader in educational initiatives. This is due in large part to the outstanding people we employ. Our staff is comprised of people who want to help students achieve their dreams, work hard and appreciate the lifestyle possible in Northeast Kansas.

Whatever you are looking for, you can probably find it in Northeast Kansas. We have found the area a great place to start and raise families, while growing personally and professionally. Great schools, good students and unmatched community support for education make Keystone and Northeast Kansas a great choice!

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I. Keystone Special Education Funding
II. Keystone Service Center Funding

The Special Education Report is the newsletter of KASEA - the state‚Äźwide professional organization representing special education administrators. Through KASEA, special education administrators share and promote effective instructional practices, work to integrate special and general education processes, and advocate for the rights of students and families dealing with disabilities. Read the February 2014 issues here:
Volumn 2:1 - Basic Special Education Facts
Volumn 2:2 - The Changing Face of Special Education
Volumn 2:3 - Dyslexia

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